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This is a list of the names of all the children and adults I have identified so far in the Lewis Hine photos for which I've conducted a successful search (except for the children in Lewiston, Maine). I have listed the names alphabetically under the appropriate category (location and/or type of work). Click the category to see thumbnail photos of each child, and a link to each story I have posted.  

Cannery Workers, Eastport, Maine

Allen Chaffey, Wilford Clark Jr., Daniel Collins, Robert Collins, Grayson Forsyth, Anna J. Gallant, Clarence Goodeill, George Goodeill, Mildred Griffith, Byron Hamilton, George Hamilton, Irma Hamilton, Susan Hamilton, William Hamilton, Preston Knowlton, James McCutcheon, Richard Mills, Walter Omar, Hiram Polk, Elsie Shaw, Minnie Thomas, Phoebe Thomas

Southern Textile Mills, Page One

Lavator Arnette, Nettie Arnette, Myrtle Bagwell, Lacy Ballard, Lonnie Ballard, Savannah Ballard, Emma Barnhill, Jerry Barnhill, Ruth Barnhill, Sadie Barton, Charlie Baxley, Daisy Baxley. Hattie Baxley, Inez Baxley, Maude Baxley, Minnie Baxley, Simon Birdsong, Ellen Blanton, Lalar Blanton, Susie Blanton, Minnie Carpenter, Mattie Carpenter, Nannie Coleson, Fred Crocker, William Crocker, Cora Estes, Daisy Estes, John Ghent, Cora Lee Griffin, Roy Hammett, Hattie Hunter, James Leazer, Mary Leazer, Ruby Leazer, Archie Love, Lizzie McKenzie, Barney Newsom, Giles Newsom, Alice Padgett, Annie Padgett, John Padgett, Mary Ann Elizabeth Padgett, Richard Padgett, William Padgett, Sadie Phifer, Pearl Turner, Viola Turner, Fred Willingham 

Southern Textile Mills, Page Two

Lonnie Cole, Etta Fuqua, Florine Fuqua, James Fuqua, Jerry Fuqua, Mattie Fuqua, Pearl Fuqua, Bessie Hicks, Camilla Hicks, Joseph Hicks, Emma Kuyrkendall (mother & daughter), Hazel Kuyrkendall, Inez Kuyrkendall, Jessie Kuyrkendall (father & son), Mildred Kuyrkendall, Ralph Kuyrkendall, Roy Kuyrkendall, Furman Owens, Agatha Purdie, Edward Purdie, Joseph Early Purdie, Hessie Mae Purdie, Lawrence Purdie, Otto Shelton, Fannie Sweeney, Selena Wall, Alex Young, Catherine Young, Eddie Lou Young, Elizabeth Young, Elzy Young, Jesse Young, Mary Young, Mattie Young, Mell Young, Seaborn Young 

New England Textile Mills

Arthur Asselin, Alfred Benoit, Alberta Bonneau, Napoleon Camire, Addie Card, Annie Card, Evelyn Casey, John Dempsey, Adelard Gagnon, Joseph Magano, Sylva Marcil, Martin Markey, Jeremiah Moore, John Ostafin, Rhea Quintin

Eclipse Mill, North Adams, Massachusetts

Josephat Adams, Joseph Allard, Arthur Chalifoux, Idas Joseph Crepeau, Albert Duquette, Richard Fitzgerald

Winchendon, Massachusetts Textile Mills

Eva Caouette, Edgar Charbonneau, Frank Charbonneau, Marion Deschenes, Mary Rose Deschenes, Elizabeth Desmarais, Lumina Desmarais, Alice Dugas, Anna Dugas, Alcide Gauthier, Rosina Goyette, Mildred Greenwood, Anatole Grenon, Elias Joseph, Julia Joseph, Agnes Laberge, Alfred Laberge, Eglantine Laberge, Francis (Frank) Laberge, Henry Laberge, Josephine Laberge, LaRose Laberge, Louise Laberge, Mamie Laberge, Odella Laberge, Irenee Laprise, Clarinda Morin, Frank Morin, Adrienne Paquet, Anna Paquet, Francis Paquet, Dora Roberts, Mary Roberts, Henry Smith

Lawrence, Massachusetts Textile Mills

Leo Andreoli, Jacob Black, Michael Devine, George Driscoll, John Endyke, Thomas Levesque, Anita Pothier, Antoinette Pothier, Blanche Pothier, Irene Pothier, Joseph Pothier, Leda Pothier, Yvonne Pothier, Eva Tanguay, Leon Valcourt, Wilfred Valliere

Newsboys, Newsgirls & Other Street Trades, Page One

Marvin Adams, David April, Israel April, Samuel April, Sidney Ashcraft, Joseph Bishop, Meyer Bishop, Isaac Boyett, Bessie Brownstein, Albert Buecher, Emma Buecher, Raymond Klose, James Logullo, Morris Levine, Eli Marks, Morris Marks, Owen McCormack, Dante Mercurio, Jeff Miller, Dora Nevins, George Okertich, Meyer Rome, Harvey Schneider, Solomon Sickle, Matthew Stavola, William Tear, William Tobias, Tony Valenti, Anthony Zazzaro, Paul Zazzaro, Carmen Zizza, Edward Zizza 

Newsboys, Newsgirls & Other Street Trades, Page Two

Phares Beville, Guy Casaceli, Guido Centola, Willie Cheatham, Gus (Frank A.) Hodges, Julius Hodges, John Howell, Michael Fernicola, Marshall Knox

Newsboys & Cotton Mill Workers In Dallas, Texas

Louis Kartous, Rudolph Kartous, Odell McDuffey, Exie Phillips, Jefferson Phillips, Mamie Phillips, Rosa Phillips, Leila Prater, Louis Shuman, Morris Shuman, Sam Stillman

Coal Mines & Glass Factories

Arthur Albicker, Joe Beafore, Ashby Corbin, Frank Dwyer, Joseph Dwyer, Neil Gallagher, Arthur Havard, Henry Sharp Higginbotham, Robert Kidd, Henry Maul, Vance Palmer, Joseph Puma, Pasquale Salvo

Farm Work

Alma Frakes, Clara Frakes, Lula Frakes, Velma Frakes, Warren Frakes, Orie Fugate, William Fugate, Angie Hazel, Bessie Hazel, Blanche Hazel, Carl Hazel, Elwood Hazel, James Hazel, Nell Hazel, Ruth Hazel, Sam Hazel, Elbert Hollingsworth, Ruby Hollingsworth, Edward Kirkpatrick, Elijah "Lige" Kirkpatrick, Ertle Kirkpatrick, Ida Kirkpatrick, Naomi "Dovey" Kirkpatrick, Otis Kirkpatrick, Vonnie Kirkpatrick, Edgar Kitchens, Anthony Martina, Alberta McNatt, Eva McNatt, Madge McNatt, Oscar McNatt, Cyril Merrick, George Merrick, John Merrick, Lillie Merrick, Pauline Merrick, Laura Petty, Alice Rommel, Elizabeth Rommel, Jacob Rommel, Lydia Rommel, Martha Rommel, Molly Rommel, Anita Roy, Isabella Roy, Jeanette Roy, Malvina Roy, John Slebzak, Clara Umhoefer, Hugo Umhoefer, Isabella Umhoefer, Martha Umhoefer

Home Work

Carmina Caruso, Bessie Finkelstein, Sophie Finkelstein, Yetta Finkelstein, Lena Helems, Leonard Helems, Earl Lampron, Lucy Lampron, Anthony Mauro, Fiore Mauro, Jessie Mauro, John Mauro, Maggie Mauro, Mary Mauro, Victoria Mauro, Camille Salvia, Joseph Salvia, Josephine Salvia, Lucy Salvia, Edward Weeks, Nellie Weeks (mother & daughter), Viola Weeks

Various Trades

Alma Alves, Bertha Alves, Charles Alves, Jennie Alves, Joseph Alves, Wilhemina Alves, Rose Berdych, Lazaro Boney, Peter Boney, Bridget (Bee) Capps, Earl Capps, Edith Capps, Edward Capps, Edward Capps Jr., Kendall Capps, Orville Capps, Pearl Capps, George Cox, Alice Curtis, Austin Curtis, Glen Dungey, Lyman Frugia, Gertrude Kron, Mildred Kron, Harry McShane, Betsy Price, Oscar Radnisky, Ramsey Summerford, Luther Watson

Lewis Hine In Lewiston, Maine

None of the children photographed in Lewiston, Maine were identified by Lewis Hine, so I am trying to find out who they were. Are you from Lewiston? Do you recognize any of these children? Read about my work in this historic city of former textile mills. 

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